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Minister Delroy Barnes is a devoted husband, married to lady Maxeen Campbell Barnes. He is best known as a man of  prayer, a seeker of the word, positive thinking and meditation. He stands firmly on the revelation knowledge of the word of God by the Holy spirit. Pastor Barnes was born in sunny island Of Jamaica, West Indies into a Christian home.  He is the second youngest of three children still alive.

He was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ at 2 Gibson Road  Birmingham England (Convocation) June 1970 and filled with the Holyghost Dec 1970, Prelate Bishop was Sydney Alexander Dunn. RIP. District Overseer: Bishop Martin H Simmonds. RIP
He served as Youth Department treasurer for the youth department in the local church under the local Pastor in Mitcham Croydon, London England Pastor M.E Thompson RIP, Church is now known as Bethel Oasis of Jesus Christ pastored now by Dr M Taylor.

Minister Barnes migrated to the USA in 1981 where he served on the youth choir in First United Brooklyn.

In his spiritual walk Minister Barnes has held various positions in the church at a local and national level such has: 

First Youth President for the local church in orange NJ, he was also Known as the “Pastor’s Helper”
He served as Adult Sunday School Teacher, Elected Brother VP to then Min: Carlton Swaby ( Later Migrated to FL )
The he was Elected Brotherhood President Minister Barnes also represented the church at various services local / national when Pastor L. Faulknor could not attend. He also served as the National Youth Registrar for the National Youth Dept.  Where he developed a system that registered 92% of all attendees. He Attended Bible school in Irvington NJ at night. He served at United Apostolic Lighthouse Church

Currently, Minister Barnes is the pastor of  Inner Change Apostolic Ministries (I.C.A.M ), He is a motivator, and a positive forward thinking leader, firm in his leadership, loves people and wants to everyone better themselves in personal development both spiritually and physically.

Minister Barnes is very strong on church leadership,  Spiritual and Personal development and organization. He also enjoys researching, teaching, preaching reading, traveling, listening to inspirational soul stirring music and being around his wife. He is  married to Lady MaXeen Campbell Barnes and always expresses his deep love for her. She is the love of his life and the center of his joy! Together, they do not have any children but makes time to be with family especially there grandchildren. Lady MaXeen has a warm spirit and his contact many times by those appreciate her spiritual insight in certain areas.



Minister Delroy Barnes

Phone: 609-608-5336


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