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There were times on my life journey, when I felt so all alone. Times of doubt, fear, times of pain and disappointment, times when I thought I was not going to make it. However I was reminded that when there was only saw one set of foot prints in the ground, that's when my  Savior Jesus was carrying me! Amen!

Good Morning Pastor Delroy,

I am Lorraine Parra from the Nextdoor neighborhood site, please explain to me what it is that you are needing with regards to Prayer. I would like to help you if I can. I have lived a life of service. I took care of my Precious Mother through stomach Cancer, many years later I took care of my Father through colon Cancer, and finally I took care of my Precious Loving Husband through the effects of Agent Orange exposure, he was a very Proud Vietnam Vet. We were in a wonderful 35 year marriage! His death in 2020 rocked me to my core! I have a very strong Faith and I never knew what kind of toll grieving takes on a person’s life until I lost Frank! I was drowning in sorrow, I felt submerged under water, I lost my identity. I went from being Franks loving wife to who? I didn’t know who “I” was anymore or what I was supposed to be doing.

I lived to Love Frank and to take care of him! Satan was attacking me during my weakness but God in his infinite wisdom saved me and gave me another purpose in life! Frank was so deeply in Love with me. We enjoyed life together and we made the most out of every precious moment together! He would always sing to me and I would sing back to him. I love cooking and baking so Frank was showered with Love through my food, whatever he wanted I gladly made for him. I would hand feed him just to bond with him and be close to him. He loved his Westerns. I would dance in front of the TV while he was watching Gun Smoke; he would laugh and whistle at me. I loved sitting on his lap and kissing him all over his face! Frank and I had a God given Marital Bond that was so beyond explanation.


When he was diagnosed with dementia, he began to Lose his memory. Frank began to suffer from Dementia, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and high blood pressure. He had to have open Heart Surgery in 2004. The Doctors gave Frank 10 years to live after surgery. They said to “me” Mrs Parra we deeply regret to inform you that your Husband will only live 10 years after this surgery. Anything after that is borrowed time so get your affairs in order and make the most out of the time that you have with him. Pastor Delroy I took that information very serious. I believed in what the doctors said but I believed more in The Holy Trinity! God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit! I began to lay hands on my Husband and Pray over him. He would be laying down on the bed and I would ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit and I would ask Jesus Christ to heal Franks weary body and I named his vital organs and prayed for restoration as I ran my hands over his body. I felt energized as if energy was flowing through my hands into Franks body.

Frank always said whenever I would lay hands on him and pray, he would feel a peacefulness and a warm sensation coming from my hands. God motivated me to educate myself on his diseases so I did. I learned about all of his medications; what they do and the effects they have including side effects. I realized that they were over dosing my husband. I became Franks advocate and firmly spoke with his Doctor and Cardiologist about his medications.


Pastor Delroy they practically cut his medication in half. I had completely learned exact doses of insulin to keep his blood sugar as normal as possible. For example they prescribed Frank 30 milligrams of Novalog, I was giving Frank 3 to 5 milligrams. He was prescribed 70 milligrams of Lantus at nighttime. I was giving Frank 10 to 25 milligrams. I tested Frank’s blood sugar frequently to see how the insulin was effecting his blood sugar. I tweaked it until I had it down to a science. They had Frank on 3 blood pressure medications I changed Franks diet and he went down to only one medication. Certain medications shouldn’t be taken together. I discovered that they were mixing wrong medications together so I spoke with his doctor and he separated them; some in the morning and others in the evening! Pastor Delroy because the Faith that my Precious Husband and I had, God would give me messages about what he wanted me to do. God motivated me to learn as much as I could to help him to save my Husband! When Dementia began to take away Frank’s memory, God told me to show Frank pictures of everyone he loved so that’s what I did. Every night our “routine” once I got him ready and in bed was to put on our favorite play list of music, I would get my phone out and Frank and I would look at all the pictures of our sons and our grandchildren and family friends.


I did this almost every night. I continued to lay hands and pray for healing for my Precious Husband Frank. God taught me that knowledge is Power! There’s Power in Prayer! Although Frank had dementia he never forgot his loving Family and friends!!! Frank would look at me and say, “God will never let me ever forget You!” Frank said, “when I meet my maker I’m going to drop to my knees and thank him for sending me an Angel that Loved me endlessly; I know how much God Loves me because of the Love and Compassion that You have shown to me due to your Love and Faith in God!” Pastor Delroy because God loved Frank and I so much he turned our marriage into a Fairytale Happily Ever After kind of Love! Frank woke me up on July 25th 2020 and said, it must be time Baby, I see my mother and my sister are here.” Pastor Delroy Franks mother and sister had already passed. I called my youngest Son, he came and him and I were able to tell Frank how much we loved him, admired him, and that it was alright to go be with God.


I was with Frank when he took his last breath and I will always be grateful to God for that!!! Pastor Delroy, Frank lived close to 6 years passed what the Doctors gave him! That’s the Power of God, that’s the Power of Prayer!!! During my grieving I was searching for answers and another purpose in life. I missed my husbands companionship so much and I longed for companionship again. I met a man named Douglas Huston, he’s retired Military (Army) and he drives a Big Rig Truck. I asked God to show me signs of goodness in whoever he would send to meet me. Doug was wearing a mini Cross on the corner of his shirt collar, he proudly announced that he is a God fearing Christian Man. Doug’s previous marriages did not work out. He commended me on being a loving wife and being devoted to my husband until the very end. Doug said, “Wow that’s the kind of Wife that I have been searching for my entire life!” Pastor Delroy 3 months into dating Doug, we had a very pleasant lunch at his home and then he went outside to do yard work. I was getting ready to leave when I went outside and saw that Doug ended up cutting his hand really bad with a saw while cutting through masonry. He said you can go, I’m alright, I’ll just wrap my hand. God told me not to leave and to take


Doug to the hospital. I had to insist on driving him to the hospital!!! Pastor Delroy, we got a block away, we had to stop because of a school bus letting off kids. Doug began to convulse, his body was flinging back and forth, he began to vomit, I quickly pulled over to the side of the road!!! Doug was choking, his eyes rolled back, and he stopped breathing!!! I asked God to give me the strength to save Doug’s life! I unbelted myself, pulled Doug forward, cleared his mouth and began pounding on his back, he finally gasped for air! Pastor Delroy, God already knows what is going to happen before it happens. God brought me to Doug to save his life! I remember after Doug began to breathe, I bound Satan in the name of Jesus Christ and told him, “ You cannot have Doug, he belongs to God!” I took Doug to the ER and everything worked out, they said Doug went into shock and it’s a good thing that I did not let him drive or he would have died convulsing while driving.


The Lord gave me a purpose in life again! Doug is a wonderful quality Christian Man! We recently got married by court, a civil ceremony in January. God is so amazing Pastor Delroy, nothing is impossible for him. I never thought that I would be single at this age. I was so grateful for my 35 year marriage of unconditional love. Never did I think that I would ever experience unconditional love again and here I am so very joyous! I am extremely familiar with the Power of Prayer Pastor Delroy and I am in the service of our Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, if you need my help please feel free to call on me. I am a Powerful Prayer Warrior for God and I try my best to be an example of Goodness in this World. Please let me know what you need, if it doesn’t conflict with my schedule, I will help you. Thank You Pastor Delroy, have a Blessed Day!

Lori Huston 

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